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Carole Michaella is dedicated to teaching Self-Empowerment Through lectures, Dance/Movement, Life Charts, Intuitive Oracle Readings, Books, and a Lifefood diet.

 Author, lecturer, ex-professional dancer/director and host to the largest meditation groups in Las Vegas, Carole Michaella, (Desert Mermaid Oracle) combines her vast knowledge and training in many styles of dance, voice, production, expertise in health and fitness, nutrition, years of research into parapsychology while developing intuitive abilities and certification in several healing and energy modalities; to be of assistance to those waking up inside this world we call reality.

Human Design Life Chart and Oracle Readings


HUMAN DESIGN LIFE CHART SYSTEM will tell you who you born to be, your unique individuality, the life you were meant to live, your intrinsic and underlying true self, nature, preferences, abilities, dynamics, and built in chemistry.

Classes, Lectures & Meditation

Please join us for our meditation classes and lectures regarding the Power of the Mind, The Science behind Spirituality, Psychic Development, Manifestation, Self-Healing and Human Design Life Charts.  We are on with two groups:  Accessing Consciousness: Meditate and Manifest and The Meditation Group of Las Vegas. 

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At age 20 Carole began to eat a healthy, vegan, diet, fasting and detoxing occasionally, working out hard every day as a professional dancer (and body surfer) continually using the power of positive thinking, meditating and chanting daily for over an hour.  All of these tools have helped her stay at the top of her game as a professional dancer/athlete.  And now more than ever she is committed to doing whatever it takes to continue on as a healthy, youthful, dynamic woman.  Recently Carole has discovered that eating a LIFE FOOD diet (cutting out all foods that create phosphates, plaque and disease in the body) Carole can continue on with the same energy and productivity that she has always enjoyed.  Carole works with Dr. David Jubb (Neuro Behavioral Physiologist, Blood Specialist, Forensic Scientist, Language and Communication expert and Shaman in the Native Toltec Tradition) and strongly recommends using Jubb’s Longevity Products; amazing, organic, powerfully transmitted natural substances that include Monatomic White Gold of which transports nutrients deep into the structure of the body’s cells and membranes healing right down into the DNA.

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