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And So Are YOU.

Accessing the Ancient Power of the Universe
- A Dancer's Story

Carol shares with you the secrets, the science, and techniques, behind creating a wonderful new reality - Filled with amazing people, places, and things!

In this book Carole will tell you how she:

  • Manifested thousands of dollars of free money and gifts

  • Created boyfriends through meditation/dreams

  • Prevented her own death, injury and other negative circumstances on more than 15 occasions by controlling and using the power of her mind

  • Dropped down to a perfect weight without dieting

  • Was protected by an angel - when in the middle of a pit bull dog fight

  • Manifested many shows and tours over the years

  • Was privy to Celestial dreams which provided important messages

  • Was warned in nightmares of impending danger

  • Prevented the miscarriage of her own son at 4 months, when stranded without help - through sheer mind power

  • Received signs and messages from her mother and father who promised to stay in touch from the "other side" after they passed

  • Remembered being born and was privy to many paranormal experiences such as a visitation by a "white light being"

  • Knew the exact day she would meet the father of her only child

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I am the Power and So Are You reveals the secrets to Carole's talent at manifesting and chronicles her adventures as a wild child of the sixties, a young professional dancer/director and evolving soul on a mission.

Carol's life has been a wondrous and oftentimes dangerous journey as she developed the art of creating and manipulating reality in both good and bad ways. Determined to not only control her environment, but seek the truth about life and learn the secrets of the universe Carole began an earnest study of religions, philosophies, esoteric science, yoga and ancient "chi" energy - soon arriving at the realization that feeling gratitude and being connected to and in alignment with SOURCE is what is responsible for abundance and harmony. Carole shares with the reader knowledge gained from her many years of study and practice.

Carole has this to say:

"Our government and others have been secretly researching, developing, and using the power of the mind for many years. My wish is to convey the truth that has been withheld from the general public - that we are powerful beings who are aspects of ALL THAT IS and have chosen to reside on this dense plane in these material bodies in order to learn important lessons. Not only do our words, thoughts, and beliefs create our reality, but it is our right to access, develop and harness this astounding cosmic energy that lies dormant within each and every one of us. We now have the science which shows that this creative energy, based on love, can transform life as we know it."

"I Am the Power...and So Are You was written with the intention to exemplify how each of us is the center of our own reality creating from moment to moment with our thoughts and feelings. The stories that you read in my book are a reflection of that principle. I must add a warning that many of my experiences will shock you and appear to be anything but spiritual, because I have always been a rebellious spirit, but these realities, of which I manifested for myself, will be of great benefit for me in the future as I work toward service to humanity as a healer, writer and speaker, for now I have a deep understanding of people - their emotions, dramas, and struggles."

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