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Dr. David Jubb, has created the most amazing organic products to assist in healing and rejuvenating your entire body inside and out!


 If you are interested in detoxing and losing weight ask us about the 14 to 21 day CLEANSE.  Feel and look healthy and youthful!  Clears away stones, gives your body a chance to heal itself from almost any so-called disease.   

Also, let us know if you would like to order a Body Analysis by Dr. David Jubb....can be done in person or on Skype.  

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DR. DAVID JUBB - Scientist, Neurobehavioral Physiologist, Plasma Physicist, Microscopist, foremost expert in blood formation, a trained Shaman in the Native Toltec Tradition, Innovator in the field of Neurology, Language and Communication; Health and Beauty industry and Doula. One of the world’s top naturalists who conducts trainings, seminars around the world on cleansing, vitality, Lifefood, and fitness.  His Prime Time Public Television Show; “The Universe Inside Our Mind" ran on Manhattan cable for over a decade.


DR. DAVID JUBB is the inventor and the world’s foremost authority and Founder of Colloidal Biology (Understanding the Life below the Cell).  


Dr. Jubb grew up on the Furneaux Islands near Tasmania. He received his doctorate in physiology from New York University; he is the innovator of LIFEFOOD of which has a proper calcium to phosphorous ratio and is enzymatically active.


Dr. Jubb’s clinic (Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation) began in the East Village, downtown, New York City; many celebrities, world leaders, top athletes, Olympic gold medalists and VIPs seek advice, to this day,   regarding management, leadership, whole brain functioning, physics of microscopic construction, psychological, and physiological testing, astrophysics calculations, biological compatible material, Lifehouse ceramic construction and 100% extraction of precious element, and also as a forensic behavior expert. This only describes a small area of his advice and expertise.

Dr. Jubb is writing a work on Lifehydrate called “Membrane Permeability Surfactant Enhancement.”  Jubb is an author in many areas, too numerous to mention, however, in the area of health; “Colloidal Biology,” “The Secrets of an Alkaline Body” and also “Jubb’s Cell Rejuvenation; these books and others can be bought on

One of his current projects is Grand Unified Totality (GUT). Where trillions of units exist in a second.  


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