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Carole is an intuitive/healer first trained at age 21 in the Silva Mind Control Method, practicing every day for many years. Later, becoming a Buddhist (Sokka Gokai International) of which she has studied for over 30 years and then in 1998 she also learned the 3000 year old Chi gong from China with practitioners in Las Vegas. Chi Gong opens the body up to "chi" energy. (Many physicians and surgeons in China now work with "Chi" energy as an aid to healing clients.) Doing Chi Gong exercises every day increased Carole's intuitive and healing energy dramatically.

Carole is also certified in basic and advanced DNA2 Theta Healing. Theta Healing is where quantum physics and metaphysics converge at the speed of light. This energy modality was designed to work with people on many levels: emotional, mental, physical, physiological, and spiritual. Science has now discovered that words, thoughts, feelings - such as regrets, resentments, emotional traumas, core beliefs (both good and bad) have a direct impact on the outcome of each person's health. In essence, Theta Healing practitioners go into a very deep thetalevel (trance or meditation) to work on the Core, Genetic, History, and Soul level of each person. Carole is also certified in advanced Reiki Healing - originallly from Tibet, when necessary, because it is an extremely powerful tool for reducing stress, inducing relaxation, calming the mind, which then promotes healing. Sometimes she will use this in conjunction with Theta Healing.

As a Means of advancing on her spiritual path and further acquiring heightened abilities Carole has just received a transmission of Prajna Akas' agarbha, a teaching from the Hanmi Esoteric School - delivered by De-Fo Jane Pearce, Europe's only empowered teacher of this amazing Chinese practice (secretely hidden for over 1,300 years - originally from India). Prajna Akas' agarbha moves it's adepts into advanced states of mind, body, and spiritual awareness. Carole says, "This new practice is very powerful and I know it has definitely increased the level of my healing abilities."


What a beautiful spirit you are! I appreciate you for hosting this group. I injured my back over ten years ago and the doctor said there was nothing that could be done. I received a complete healing after meditating with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Olga G. 
I had a neck problem for many years and with this meditation technique that you used tonight I felt it completely leave my body.

Hans G.
I felt a pain release in my lower lumbar area from a serious back injury due to a car accident that plagued me for many years and was responsible for me becoming addicted to pain pills. 

John H.
I took part in your manifestation meditation and my desire was to find my twin flame... two days later I realized who this person was - and now we are together.

PRIVATE Healing for Health Situations


"I have a benign tumor on my leg that was golf ball size. I've had to wear swimsuits with the skirt to hide it." 
- G. Harris    

"Since I saw you last and you did the breathing meditation with me It has almost disappeared. Cool huh? So thank-you sweet Carol. I've had this thing over 20 years, now it's barely there." 
- G. Harris

"If it's not so much to ask I would also like to ask you to visualize me on your mental screen and please do a 'case' on me. 2 X-rays done on me showed a mass in my left lung w/c could be due to previous tuberculosis that had no symptoms. Please help me get totally healed from it, whether it is indeed tubercular or something worse.

I want to thank you very much in advance and hope to meet you soon, sometime in the USA when we do get there! : ) "
- L Salinel 


(Months went by and I heard nothing until one day I decided to ask him what happened and if he was feeling better.)

I got this response back: "Oh yes, I went to the doctor and he said that they had made a misdiagnosis, because my X-rays showed that nothing was there. "
- L. Salinel

After realizing that he had been healed, he asked me to do a healing on his mother who had Diabetes -and then I got this response:


"Hi Carol, I want to thank you for working on my mom's health. She never complains anymore and looks relaxed as compared to the time before I asked you to work a case on her. (Two years later he would write and tell me the same thing.) 
- L. Salinel

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