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Apply, Jubb's LifeColloid probiotic as you are caring to get concentrated, bio-active, rich, cleansing, and restorative vital nutrient ingredient; in, merely a pinch of Jubb's LifeColloid billions of such lifecolloid abound; this, is lithophilic [rock eating] lifecolloid that can transform insecticide, pesticide, petroleum, and heavy metal; and, provide a powerful persistent activity against parasites;  

You can heal the polluted water of your blood by chelative and clathrative element; and, dissolve calcium phosphate deposit [a silent killer] through learned daily application of Jubb's LifeColloid probiotic; this, substance can be described as the most concentrated heterogeneous matrix of lifecolloid communities in the world; it, is full of dynamic, auto poetic [self regulating] processes in chaotic space and time; your, intestine requires such an ideal bioremediation lifecolloid inoculant; dosage, is ½ tsp. twice a day mixed with honey to coat the intestinal tract; can also be taken with food, dissolved in drink, or eaten alone; 

Jubb's Life Colloid

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